My Top 10 Final Fantasy Tracks

Making this because of this post. These are in no particular order.

1. Cyan’s Theme - FF6

This track gives me chills. I just played through Cyan’s dream in World of Ruin. At the end, holy shit. Thou art a badass, sir.

2. Chaos Shrine - FF1

It’s simple, elegant, and a foreshadowing of terrible things to come. Yet with your  wee little band of light warriors you push on to face Garland.

3. Battle With The Four Fiends - FF4

One of my absolute FAVORITE boss themes. It’s perfect to me, not much else to say.

4. Edward’s Theme - FF4

Edward, you may be a coward, you may be a spoony bard, but you’re a bro. You pulled through when we needed you, and for that I salute you.

5. Battle at the Big Bridge - FF5

Now, I’ve never played FF5, but I know and love Gilgamesh. His theme wins a special spot in my heart because Gilgamesh’s is awesome with every appearance he makes.

6. World Map Theme #1 - FF7

I think 7 was one of the first FF games I’ve ever played. I enjoyed it very much. I love this theme.

7. Someday the Dream Will End - FF10

I loved BLITZBALL 10. I fell in love with the cast and story. I would come back to Zanarkand and grind, just to hear this music as I fought.

8. Those Whom I Must Protect - FF9

9 was SO GOOD. A++ Characters, story was excellent. This song and part of the game was one of my favorite parts. Shit’s going down, but not without a fight!

9. Blinded By Light - FF13

I played this game well after the hype and hate, so going into it I had my reservations. But hearing this theme play out thawed me considerably. It’s just SO GOOD. When the violins REALLY start to kick in, mah gawd.

10. Don’t Want to Forget - FF Crystal Chronicles

This game…so. so good. I played mainly by myself, but did some multiplayer with my brothers. This part of the game though…this track makes me feel more than any of the others in FFCC.